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California Water Drought Restrictions

May contain: machine and sprinkler

At the June 1, 2022, the MCSD Board of Directors approved Resolution 2022-19 instituting Stage 2 Water Conservation Measures as Required by the Governor’s Order N-7-22 and the SWRCB Emergency Order. All MCSD customers are asked to voluntarily reduce water consumption in the following ways:

• Use hose-end shutoff nozzles on all garden and utility hoses.

• Refrain from washing cars, boats, trailers, or other vehicles except by hose with shutoff nozzle and bucket.

• Promptly repair all leaks in plumbing fixtures, water lines, and sprinkler systems.

• Reduce outdoor irrigation of ornamental landscapes.

It should be noted that Ruth Lake, the reservoir that provides water to Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, who in turn provides water to MCSD, is full and these water conservation measures would not typically be required at this stage. They have been triggered by the Governor’s Order. They are however good water conservation measures that generally should be adhered to at any time.