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Measure B Funding for Parks & Recreation

In 1992, McKinleyville voters approved the Measure B Assessment District with a 20-year duration for the purpose of funding the development and maintenance of public recreation facilities including the McKinleyville Activity Center, Azalea Hall and Hiller Sports Site. The Board authorized collection of the assessments in each year beginning in Fiscal Year 1992/1993.

In 2011, a property owner protest ballot proceeding was conducted pursuant to the provisions of the California Constitution Article XIII D for the levy of annual assessments for the Measure B Maintenance Assessment District – Renewal for Parks, Open Space, and Recreational Facilities which replaced and extended for another 20-year duration the assessments previously approved by voters in 1992. The new assessments were levied on the Humboldt County tax rolls for Fiscal Year 2011/2012. There was no change to the annual property assessment amount of $30 per single family dwelling unit, even though there had been several additions to the Parks & Recreation responsibilities since 1992. 

For the past several years, the District revenue collections have been insufficient to cover the operational and maintenance costs for the community assets maintained by the CSD, such that the District is carrying a negative fund balance. Therefore, the CSD has proposed an increased assessment, and the addition of an annual inflationary adjustment to the maximum rate. Throughout 2022 and 2023, the District has been working with Willdan Financial Services to prepare an Engineering Report to establish the assessment required to cover these costs.

In January of 2023 the District began reaching out to McKinleyville residents to collect feedback and input on Parks and Recreation priorities for the community. A survey of 300 property owners was conducted by Godbe Research and a less formal survey was distributed to the community at large in order to collect input on community priorities.  Throughout June and July of this year District staff conducted several presentations to community groups, service clubs and business owners providing information about the Parks & Recreation Department and collecting feedback from the community regarding the work of the Parks & Recreation Dept.  The top priorities identified by community residents and property owners through these outreach efforts include:

·         Maintaining the facility housing the Sheriff in McKinleyville

·         Keeping park restrooms open and clean

·         Keeping the Senior Center open and maintained

·         Maintaining Azalea Hall, the Library, our Teen & Community Center and Activity Center

·         Maintaining playfields and playgrounds in all parks


The Engineer's Report detailing the methodology and apportionment of the Measure B Assessment District can be viewed  clicking the link below

FY2425 McKinleyville CSD Measure B Balloted Increase Report_IM.pdf